Information Operations Recognition. From Nonlinear Analysis to Decision-Making

A. Dodonov, D. Lande, V. Tsyganok, O. Andriichuk, S. Kadenko, A. Graivoronskaya
- LAP Lambert Academic Publishing, 2019. - 292 p. ISBN-13: 978-620-0-27697-1, ISBN-10: 6200276978, EAN: 9786200276971


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The book is dedicated to the issues of information operations recognition based on analysis of information space, particularly, web-resources, social networks, and blogs. In this context, open source intelligence technology (OSINT) solves the problem of initial analysis of modern-time information flows. The book provides a detailed description of mathematical principles of information operations recognition, based on mathematical statistics, nonlinear dynamics, complex networks theory, information and mathematical modeling, sociology. A separate chapter covers the applications of approaches from expert estimation theory and decision-making support to information operation recognition. The book is addressed to a broad circle of specialists from information technology and security domains.