Andriy Boychenko and Dmytro Lande.
Generation of Information Impacts Scenarios in Management Decision Support Systems
// Mathematical Modeling and Simulation of Systems (MODS'2020)- MODS 2020. Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing, vol 1265. Springer, Cham // (2021). - Pages 175-185. DOI:, ISSN 2194-5365

The features of developing scenario models using cognitive maps and methods for developing of information impacts scenarios based on the analysis of the content of global computer networks are considered. This approach provides a solution to the problem of generating and ranking scenarios for impacting objects that correspond to the selected key concept analyzing the input text arrays working on a full-time basis. Improved information models and computer domain analysis tools have been developed. This makes it possible for an expert analyst to investigate these processes and generate results in a form convenient for decision-making. A method is proposed for constructing a domain model in the form of a semantic graph formed according to the monitoring of computer networks by determining the most significant concepts and the relationships between them. A method is proposed for the formation of optimal scenarios of informational impacts on target objects of a subject area based on finding many routes of influence distribution. Software and algorithmic tools for transferring data to the OWL format are developed. An example of application of the developed scenario approach is considered on the example of analysis of the movement of .Yellow vests. in France.
Cognitive map Ontology Ant colony optimization Management decision support system