Dmytro Lande, Oleh Dmytrenko, Oleh Andriichuk, Vitaliy Tsyganok, Yaroslava Porplenko
Building of Directed Weighted Networks of Terms for Decision-Making Support During Information Operations Recognition
// Mathematical Modeling and Simulation of Systems (MODS'2020). MODS 2020. Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing, vol 1265. Springer, Cham (2021). - Pages 197-208.
DOI: ISSN 2194-5365

The study is devoted to automated processing of documents of a subject domain for formation of text corpus, construction of networks of terms and using of these networks for building of knowledge bases of decision support systems during information operations recognition. In this work, for building the undirected networks of terms the Horizontal Visibility Graph algorithm is used.
A new approach for determining the directions and the weights of links in the network of terms that correspond to certain concepts of the considered subject domain is proposed. By its application, an ontological model of the subject domain related to the information operations recognition was built.
A new approach for building the knowledge bases of decision support systems during the information operations recognition using the directed weighted networks of terms of subject domain is proposed. Using it for building of knowledge bases allows saving time and financial resources by reducing the use of expert information and make it possible to detect gaps in the knowledge bases of decision support systems.

Information space Text corpus Directed weighted networks of terms Horizontal visibility graph Decision support system Knowledge base Information operation recognition