Artem Soboliev, Dmytro Lande
Distributed System of Intelligent Content Monitoring Agents

// Selected Papers of the XXI International Scientific and Practical Conference "Information Technologies and Security" (ITS 2021) Kyiv, Ukraine, December 9, 2021. CEUR Workshop Proceedings ( - Vol-3241. - pp. 205-214. ISSN 1613-0073. []

The coverage and generalization of large dynamic information flows constantly generated in the space of the Internet requires qualitatively new methods and approaches to the implementation of measures to ensure the completeness, accessibility and reliability of the target information. In the process of content monitoring of the Internet it is important to use tools of distributed global network content monitoring and creation of multiple interfaces between agents who control collection of information from different Internet segments. This paper proposes methods and tools for monitoring the distributed content of social networks, taking into account the constant changes in the availability of certain segments of the Internet. The proposed solutions are used to populate the content monitoring databases of InfoStream and CyberAggregator web resources and social networks. A system of intelligent content monitoring agents based on several servers located in different data centers is offered. The intelligent system of agents interacts with the management and control system, which ensures an appropriate level of fault tolerance, completeness and reliability of the received information

Keywords: Information resources, social networks, intelligent agent information gathering, distributed content monitoring, intelligent agent system