Snarskii A.A., Lande D.V., Zorinets D.I., Levchenko A.V.
Reciprocally time correlating objects ranking
// XVII М╕жнародна наукова конференц╕я ╕мен╕ Т.А. Таран "╤нтелектуальний анал╕з ╕нформац╕╖. ╤А╤2017, Ки╖в, 17.19 травня 2017 р. : зб. пр. - К.: Просв╕та, 2017. - С. 216-221.

In the article a new ranking method of correlating in time objects which allows to appreciate the most "influential" and the most "subjected to influence" objects at the given time interval is represented. As an example of the method application a group of leading world politicians (furtherpersonalities) is considered.


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