Dmytro Lande, Leonard Strashnoy.
GPT Semantic Networking: A Dream of the Semantic Web - The Time is Now
- Kyiv: Engineering, 2023. - 168 p. ISBN 978-966-2344-94-3

The book presents research and practical implementations related to natural language processing (NLP) technologies based on the concept of artificial intelligence, generative AI, and the concept of Complex Networks aimed at creating Semantic Networks.

The main principles of NLP, training models on large volumes of text data, new universal and multi-purpose language processing systems are presented. It is shown how the combination of NLP and Semantic Networks technologies opens up new horizons for text analysis, context understanding, the formation of domain models, causal networks, etc. This book presents methods for creating Semantic Networks based on prompt engineering. Practices are presented that will help build semantic networks capable of solving complex problems and making revolutionary changes in the analytical activity.

The publication is intended for those who are going to use large language models for the construction and analysis of semantic networks in order to solve applied problems, in particular, in the field of decision making.

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