Information Operations Recognition: from Nonlinear Analysis to Decision-making

Aleksandr G. Dodonov, Dmitry V. Lande, Vitaliy V. Tsyganok, Oleh V. Andriichuk, Sergii V. Kadenko, Anastasia N. Graivoronskaya
The book is dedicated to the issues of information operations recognition based on analysis of information space, particularly, web-resources, social networks, and blogs. In this context, open source intelligence technology (OSINT) solves the problem of initial analysis of modern-time information flows. The book provides a detailed description of mathematical principles of information operations recognition, based on mathematical statistics, nonlinear dynamics, complex networks theory, information and mathematical modeling, sociology. A separate chapter covers the applications of approaches from expert estimation theory and decision-making support to information operation recognition. The book is addressed to a broad circle of specialists from information technology and security domains.
Other Computer Science (cs.OH)  
Cite as: arXiv:1901.10876 [cs.OH] arXiv:1901.10876.pdf [cs.OH]