Lande D.V., Soboliev A.M.
Design Method of Temporary Horizontal Visibility Graph for Information Sources Impact Network
// Journal of Scientific and Engineering Research, 2020, 7(2):103-108 URL: ISSN: 2394-2630

The absence of the efficient methods for the design of the information sources impact network does not allow defining the influence of the information sources on one another accurately and detecting the primary sources of the information spreading. The work represents a new approach- Temporary Horizontal Visibility Graph (THVG) method, which is based on the HVG algorithm modification. The method allows to determine the influential information sources taking into account the time dependence of information influences, their relevance and .aging. of information. The in-formation sources network designed in such a way can dynamically change. This method allows building the information sources impact networks and making the assumptions about the primary sources of information. Obtained method uses sources rating in data flow analysis. It is more effective than the usual Horizontal Visibility Graph design method in the following criteria: F-measure - by 7-9%, completeness - by 7-10% and accuracy - by 6-8% more effective.
Keywords: HVG, THVG, information sources, information sources rating