Lande D., Balagura I., Dubchak N.

The Detection of Actual Research Topics in Physics for Ukrainian Scientific Groups

// 2017 IEEE International Young Scientists Forum on Applied Physics and Engineering YSF-2017
(October 17-20, 2017. Lviv, Ukraine) - pp. 64-66.
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Usually researchers search for the most actual problems of our society and try to solve them. There are well-known international science resources, which are used for searching and publication of main scientific results. Arrangement of publications by their significance on certain topic is very helpful in such databases. There are numbers of world-wide rating systems which are used for publications, journals and scientists ranking. Citing indexes, eigen-factor and others are widely used for scientific works estimation and all of them are based on the amount of a publication citing. Unfortunately there are some papers, that aren.t popular and aren.t cited. The main point of the popularity is the actuality of the topic in the world at some time. So, the identification of actual research topic is very important for any scientific work.
The algorithms, which based on co-word and co-author analysis for detecting actual topics and priorities are proposed. We offer to compare co-words networks of certain team and the main worlds tendencies. The aim of the algorithm is to correct researches in Ukraine for activation of international research and popularity of papers witch is depend of the topics. Using of the algorithm could help scientists to get more authority in the world.
The co-author and co-word networks of research output for physics and astronomy for authors from Ukraine university were built, which shown the possibility for detecting the most popular research topics. Detected key-words are atomic force microscopy, biosensor, carbon, carbon nanotube, conductivity, crystal growth, crystal structure, defects, diffusion, and others.